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Swimming Suits Articles

Libby's R&R route to London may take Delhi bypass

LIBBY TRICKETT will consider missing next year's Commonwealth Games in India, taking a year away from competitive swimming and potentially rejuvenating herself for the 2012 London Olympics.

... And another thing

THE only improving statistic in the Liberal leadership preferences is "don't know". I think Don't Know would make an apt leader of the Opposition.

Champions Want Suits To Be Slower

OLYMPIC champions and former world record-holders Shane Gould and Michael Klim say swimsuit technology should be rolled back, while four-time Olympic champion Murray Rose says every world record set in the controversial suits should have an asterisk attached.

Thompson: Sport Must Keep The Suits In Check

AUSTRALIAN head coach Alan Thompson says he has no qualms with swimming embracing new technology, but says stricter guidelines must be placed on what swimsuits can and can't do.

Technology Suits Hackett Just Fine

AUSTRALIAN swimming captain Grant Hackett has asked why nobody ever questioned Michael Jordan's new Nike shoes, or Lance Armstrong's futuristic bicycles, yet such a fuss has raged over the latest technology in swimsuit design, with debate likely to continue to bubble through the Olympic swimming program.